Hui Zhou En Tai Sheng Lighting Co.Ltd.



Reflektor and Lens - Design and Production

We design and produce reflectors and lenses for any light project. Professional reserch engineers with long term light experience calculate the curves and parameters for best results.
If you also use our PCB design service, we offer complete high technology light units in one.


Spectral and Light Distribution

We can test any light source, LED and lamp. Exactly spectrum analizing not only for visible light, we test also deep UV up to far infrared light sources and LED.
For and light fixture we offer exactly Light distribution test with ies and ldt file.


LED PCB Fast Prototyping and Mass Production

We can assemble any type of PCB, but we focused on LED PCB and oversized PCB up to 400x1200mm. Prototypes, small and large Quantity we can do fast and professional for your Project.
Our sourcing Team can offer you best Prices for SMD and LED parts.

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German Trailer & Car Manufacturing

Located at Germany, Cologne, we do the construction and manufacturing of your special car or trailer with lifting system for LED screen and any components ready to use on international streets.


Europe Repair Center located in Germany

Our Electronic Service Center located in Cologne Germany is specialized for LED Screen, LED Lighting and Industrial Electronics. We can help you in any Case of Maintenace and Repair of Electronic.



With the Inhouse Test Center and mobile EMC system we can check any radiation frequency and value. With our report you are safe according to international regulations. We also support you by the Product Design according to EMC rules.


PCB Design and Manufacturing

We can design and manufacture any Aluminium PCB for you including Stencil verry fast and professional. Also we can make any PCB for you from your Files as Prototype and Mass Production.


Enviroment and Safety Class Test

With modern systems we can do any test for enviroment classification. All ETS Products will be testet and parameters confirmed. But we can also test anything for you to validate the parameters.