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ETS 350 powerful 17R Beam Wash Spot in One Movinglight

The new Movinghead of ETS set new standards in Effects and Showdesign.
Powerful 17R Beam, Spot and Wash functions in one.
12 x Prism, rotating Gobos, and much more, perfect handling and setup with Color LCD Display.


LED Screen on Truck and Trailer

We build your customized LED Truck or Trailer in any Size, with Hydraulic Lifting System and German Safety certifcation. as simple LED truck or full equipped with Operator Place.


LED Screen P6 Outdoor SMD SUNLITE Series

High Brightness, even Picture and perfect Cabinet structure for professional use Outddor. P6 SMD with Black or white face, Frontservice or Flip Cabinet.


Daylight LED Big TV Outdoor Screen System 3.91-6mm

This Version of 4 or 6mm Pixel Pitch SMD Screen comes as complete Solution for Advertising or any Public Show. The System is ready to use with all control parts included and can be customized in Size and Format. Hydraulic Lifting System for easy use.


P10 Install Version SUNLITE Series

High Brightness 8000-10000cd/sm Screen P10 DIP or SMD ( 7000cd/sm) with both Side IP65 protection can also be made as Frontservice


LED Screen P7 DiCast Indoor Rental

The Universal P7 Series is the ideal Solution for Big stages and TV Show. Only 7Kg precision Modules can be gapless fast installed.


P12 Rental Outdoor Screen

High Brightness 8000-10000cd/sm Aluminium Rental Screen P12 DIP with Dual RED and Virtual Function 6mm, with hanging Structure and both Side IP65 protection


LED Screen Rental P10 SUNLIGHT Series

High Brightness 8000-10000cd/sm Aluminium Rental Screen P10 DIP with hanging Structure and both Side IP65 protection



ETS Lighting Downlight & Panellight you can oder as Set with up to 6 Lights on one Powersupply.
Save up to 50% Money!


ET-S5 New LED Effect Moving Bar

New Powerful Moving LED Effect. Controlled by sound, Automatic or DMX. Check out the Video in Stagelight Video Downloads.
Powered by OSRAM RGBW 15Wx5


RGBW Floodlight DMX DALI IP65 100W 150W

New Outdoor and Indoor Floodlight with DMX, Wireless Remote and DALI Control Option. A perfect Light Mix by 8 or 16 Multichips 45mil. DMX Controller with Display. You can select Adress, Linear or Logarithmic Dimming, PWM Frequency up to 1500Hz for flickerfree TV. No Fan, no Noise. 60,90,120,140 Degree Lightoutput. Also customized Control like KNX and LED Chips in customized Light Spectrum.


Power Supplys for any Solution

We have a large Stock of Powersupplys from different Manufacturers, Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Indoor and Outdoor, with CE ROHS and TÜV.
We can deliver with Warranty from 2 up to 6 Years. Some Models we offer with integrated DALI and other dimming Systems.


WB Series PCB for Replacement and New Lighting Products

The WB Series we make also in different sizes and colors. The WB Series PCB are the perfect Solution for your Productdesign, Exhibition Furniture and any light Design.


Replacement LED Circle PCB for any older lights

LED PCB WB Serie as Circles in different sizes to update older lights from Bulb to LED. The different Style and Size fit to most lights, different power version replace the old bulb system in same or better brightness.
We also can place LED´s in any Color. The RGB Series are full color controllable design boards.


LED Citycolor 500W & 1000W 4in1

High Power Citycolor to painting the world. 4in1 LED Technology, programmable and DMX controlled IP65 Outdoor Lights for Event and Architectural Lighting.
Link to User Manual with Details:


Floodlight Pro Compact Series

Floodlights based on COB Chip with 3 up to 5 years warranty assembled in a Industry Standard Housing with perfect cooling parameters for a long life and high light output.


Panel Lights for Home and Office Building

ETS Lighting Panel Lights with 5-6 Years Warranty fullfill the highest standards. See the difference in Design, Light and Parameters.
High End PCB Solution or COB Lights, manufactured under German standards and german quality management.


CAR Safety LED Light BAR

The Car safety LED Bar´s we manufacture in different sizes and functions according to clients request. Please contact us for further informations.
Top Lights, Head lights and the remote controlled side marker from ETS SMF Series are the best solution for your safety.


4x4 Matrix LED Video System

The 4x4 LED Video Module can be controlled each 3in1 RGB Pixel by Pixel and easy assembled to a wall in any size.
You can create freely video and design effects, also you can use a s blinder function. Controlled by internal software or DMX.


LED Scren Trailer Made in Germany

We design and manufacture for you professional LED Trailer Screen Systems in different size. All Trailer get german safety documents and Road paper.
The 15sm version is a standard and most used for roadshow and event. Easy to use, full hydraulic system for lifting and stand, brilliant Daylight screen from ETS Sunlite series P6 or P10.


COB24 IP65 Outdoor LED 200W 4in1 Flood Spot

150W Outdoor High Power LED Light for using as wallwasher or Soptlight with different Lenses.
Excellent Colormixing System by 4in1 RGBW LED´s and an extra strong housing for permanent using in harsh enviroment.
Controlled by internal software or DMX


12x12 LED 5in1 Minibar 144W Wireless DMX

Powerful LED Bar with 12 LED x 12W RGBWA. With different Lenses it can be used as Wallwasher and Effektlight for any Size of Stage.
The RGBWA Colormixing System can create any lightcolor you wish. Controlled by Internal software or DMX. Also possible with build in Wireless DMX:


ET-E120 LED Moving Multieffect

The New ETS Lighting ET-E120 is a mix of Movinglight and perfect Multibeam Flower Effect. With a small sized unit you can create powerful professional light scenes.
Link to the video:


LED Glass Tube High Lumen

100LM /Watt Tube in Glass. Replacement LED for traditional Tube light with the optical 360 degree lighting effect. So it can be used in any design Light to save power.


5R Beam Movinghead

Professional Moving Beam according to professional Standards
Optical Device: three lens group, 0°-5° zoom, 14 colors+open,17 gobos + open, 8-facet prism, motor focus
(1)Color display board, touch screen,Software built-in analysis for easy error finding, with pan and tilt adjustment function, Fire Safe B1 Housing, Neutrik Connectors


LED Module IP65 30W 40W 50W

The module with different Lens Systems and in any light color can be used for ETS Lighting standard Highbay, Flood and streetlight Housing. Also you can design your own Lamp with this waterproof and failure safe modules.
Certified CE ROHS EMC Light safety


LED Bulb with Air Purifier

This LED Bulb fitting to E27 socket has a nice function added. It´s included a air purifier system. Negative Iones makes a better Air Quality, clean the Air and make the Air fresh for better healthy.


DALI BUS Components

Most of our products we can make with DALI interface. Also we deliver all components for DALI control solution, switches, powersupply, amplifier, controller, Interfaces


Customized LED PCB

We design and maufacture for you any shape, color and function of LED PCB based on Aluminium. Our PCB are the solution for you to create own light design, product design, signalisation and any kind of light advertising.
With the modern machines we can produce any quantity, from one sample or special pcb up to mass production as your supplier in OEM.


Tri Proof IP65 Universal Light

With strong Housing and industrial Aluminium LED Board we released the new IP65 replacement universal LED Light for wet places and Outdoor. We offer Versions from 10W up to 60W in different Light Colors and different Front Cover.



The ET-H LED Series of ETS Lighting Highbay Lights with HeatPipe System was designed for extreme harsh enviroment, Dust, Water, Dirt, High Temperature.
With an fanless active cooling system by HeatPipe and optional Dali Control, Power Version from 100W to 400W, the light fits to a wide range of lighting requests.



ETD-XXX Highbay Design LED

The ET-Design Series of ETS Lighting LED highbay Lights is aperfect solution for Shopping Mall, Car Dealer, Public Hall and any other place where you need a perfect lighting and a attractive Design of lights.


ETT Serie LED Flood Lights IP65

The ETT Flood Light Series for Indoor and Outdoor is a universal Lightsource for places, warehouses, public areas. Fanless and maintenace free. 60W up to 180W and any Light temperature we can make for you.
This Floodlight is based on our IP65 LED Module System.


ETW LED IP44 Universal Series

ETW LED lights are a easy to install LED version of the known Light Design for any universal solution: Made in full Aluminium with a real glass cover and IP44 you can use it indoor and outdoor. Different housing Design in different shapes and sizes allow to install on a wall or ceiling. We offer this light in 8W and 13W. Lightoutput 8W LED compatible to 60W Bulb, 13W compatible to 100W Bulb.