Hui Zhou En Tai Sheng Lighting Co.Ltd.



ETS Lighting Ceiling Panel Lights as Design Element in an Old Style Building

In same Building like the Concert Hall, in another round room the Designer use Round 18W LED Panel from ETS Light for an attractive Light Design with circle installation on the ceiling.


ETS ETH Series in German Concert Hall

The ETH Series is installed in a Germany Concert Hall. The Design of the Lights, the even light output was the key fact from the client for his selection.


Trailer Screen P10 40m² for german client

Just deliverd - 40m² Sunlite Ultra screen on 40m2 Truck Trailer with full hydraulic screen setup, lifting and stand system.


6.66mm Full Outdoor Screen for France

In only 3 weeks from order to the show we deliver 24sm of 6.66mm Pixelpitch Aluminium IP65 Outdoor Rental Screen including controller and all other acessories to france.
This screen is full waterprotected, both sides and brings TV quality on stage.


ETS Lighting LED Tubes Saint Gobain Germany

ETS Lighting LED Tubes was now selected and installed after 2 years testing and comparing with other Brands by the Saint Gobain Flat Glass Company in Germany.
On the picture you can see on the right side the new LED tubes, the left side old standard tubes before exchanged.


LED for Jewellery in Germany

We replaced all lights in the Jewellery Wahl located in the City Dresden with customized LED Bulbs and Lights. The color temperature of lights are made in special range of mixed spectrum. Now, the whole store looks much more attractive and the energy costs 60% reduced.


LED Light Chain II in Work Hall

In a work hall at netherlands for mechanic components we install 200m of light Chain II System for lighting the work benches.
The energy costs of the client was reduced more then 60% by this exchange from old lights.